Nurse Station


The cabinet body adopt imported double-sided Class A electrolytic galvanized steel ,the thickness  larger than 1.0MM, the whole of body no exposed solder joint.

Mesa adopt high-quality marble countertops or new physical and chemical board, anti acid and alkali, anti-oxidation, easy to clean, beautiful and generous.


Electrolytic galvanized steel has been treated by professional technology of electrolytic, which has certain anti rust capability,


The surface adopts the green epoxy resin, high-tech electrostatic powder spraying process, The thickness reaches international standard 65 microns, good rust proof and corrosion resistant effect, easy to clean, the coating hardness is above 2H, Scratch resistance and friction resistance.

Structure description:

  • all drawers adopt high quality mute ball bearing three section guide rail, to ensure that drawers are fully out.
  • all cabinet door adopts double layer high temperature fireproof sound insulation structure, and all door hinges adopt buffering self closing type mute hinge.
  • curling handle is more durable and easy to clean; the inner side of the door is equipped with mute cushion,
  • all panels can be disassembled and adjusted freely
  • the table bottom has the multipurpose hanging cabinet drawer, with a thin side cabinet door storage cabinet and keyboard can be Configured.
  • Description
  • Product Features

Model: SX-N005
Name: Nurse Station
Product Size: Customized
Included: Computer cabinet, three tier drawer, file cabinet

Knock down and easy assembling construction.
Different size for option.
Different colour for option.
Adjustable shelves
Environmental protection, bacteriostasis, rust prevention and corrosion resistance