Stainless medical cabinet purchase tips

The traditional medical cabinet are generally made of wood, but for wood furniture, anti-corrosion, moisture resistance is not good, so now more hospitals will choose to use stainless steel cabinet, stainless steel hospital furniture not only has corrosion resistance and good moisture resistance, and good water proof, anti-corrosion, durability is also very strong,today, YIDA like to share with you about the medical cabinet purchase tips. Firstly, the production process of medical stainless steel cabinet, edge medical cabinet and delicate, smooth, [...]

Hospital first choice, Yida nurse station

YIDA is a professional nursing station production contractors with 15 years experience. Hospital furniture requires unique characteristics and practical value, which can bring convenience to patients and hospital staff, so in the choice of the nursing station to a comprehensive consideration.Therefore,  we need  have Comprehensive consideration while making the choice of nursing station. Design of hospital nursing station should be combined with the internal environment of the hospital, In the case of ensuring the normal work of nurses, Visually, we should [...]

Importance of humanized design for medical furniture

The first step of humanized medical furniture design should be according with Ergonomics, such as the corners instead of rounded corners, Handrail if necessary, so it is easier for patients to get up; at the same time the tone of the hospital furniture should choose lively colors, to help the patient to relieve the pressure, also the design of furniture should be stable and strong. The humanization design of medical furniture must meet the medical staff and patient habits and [...]